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The Etruscan-Roman city of Roselle 

Meeting with the guide at the archaeological site of Roselle, an ancient Etruscan-Roman city. We will visit the imposing Etruscan city walls, the forum with the main buildings, various domus and the spectacular amphitheatre. After the visit, transfer to Castiglione della Pescaia, where we will visit the ancient medieval village, perched in a panoramic position on a hill overlooking the marshes of Diaccia Botrona, the surrounding plain and the open sea.


Laboratory of Experimental Archaeology

After breakfast transfer to the experimental archaeology laboratory, located in the open countryside between Grosseto and Siena. We will spend the whole day here: we will visit the reconstruction of a protohistoric village and experiment with prehistoric archery, stone chipping, retouching, fire lighting, clay working. Lunch in the farmhouse attached to the laboratory.


Scansano and Ghiaccioforte Hiking

After breakfast transfer to Scansano, characteristic medieval village: the Archaeological Museum will allow us to know the most ancient history of the territory, from the Etruscan period to the high medieval one.  We will continue with a visit to the Ghiaccioforte, a fortified Etruscan center that has returned most of the finds on display at the museum of Scansano. The site is located in a strategic position on the top of two hills overlooking woods and crops, the coast and the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, in a landscape of particular beauty. From here we will go trekking on an ancient Etruscan road that descends towards the Albegna river, crossing rural areas and stretches of woodland.

(itinerary: 9 km)


Archaeological and Naturalistic Park of Vulci

After breakfast transfer to Vulci, ancient Etruscan-Roman metropolis. The archaeological area is located in the center of the southern Maremma, in a suggestive landscape. Once inside the monumental Etruscan gate, we will visit the remains of the most important Roman buildings: basilicas, temples and the ‘cryptoportico’ domus. Excursion to the Pellicone lake, set among volcanic rocks and travertine banks. Stop for lunch. In the afternoon we will visit the nearby Badia Castle, adjacent to the spectacular Devil's Bridge, and possible visit to the archaeological museum.

(itinerary: 5 / 7 km)

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