To guarantee you safe days you will find below some rules on our activities necessary for the Covid-19 emergency.


Here are the instructions to follow:


 - excursions and/or guided tours can be booked by phone, email, whatsapp by writing your name, surname, tax code, residence address and leaving a reference phone number.


-you can book up to two days before the tour/excursion start date


-payment is made by bank transfer or PayPal account at the time of registration (details will be provided at the time of registration and at the end of the excursion you will be sent a receipt electronically), so as to avoid contact on the day of the excursion. To find out if you can pay for the excursion on the same day you will need to contact your guide for the tour you are booking.


-the price includes the Excursion Environmental Guide Service or the Tour Guide Service.


-in case of cancellation less than 24h from the beginning the fee will be lost, otherwise you will have a full refund.


-in case of cancellation due to bad weather or other problems you can choose between a refund or if you want to join another of the excursions in program


- You will need to bring your mask (3 recommended), nitrile gloves and sanitizing gel.


-to reach the meeting point we can not give passages, each participant will have to organize individually


-in nature we will maintain a distance of 2 m, in this case there is no obligation to wear a mask that during the walk would increase the effort and encourage bad breathing.

If there is no possibility to maintain this distance the mask will have to be worn, for guided tours in the city it is obligatory under 1 mt.

The masks should always be kept close at hand.


-during the tours/excursions it is not allowed to share food and/or exchange objects.


-each group will be composed of a reduced number of participants indicated in the tour details

-before registering it is mandatory to read the rules and details of each excursion, so that you can sign up for a tour in line with your physical abilities


-following the rules as per DL n.6 of 23/02/2020 any person who in the last 14 days is aware of having had contact with people who have tested positive to Covid-19 or come from at-risk areas will not be able to take part in activities


-in the presence of flu symptoms or fever (temperature over 37.5 °C) you are obliged to stay at home and alert your doctor. In this case the excursion or tour can be cancelled at any time and you will receive a refund.


-this Regulation will remain in force until new government provisions are adopted