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The GTE is an E level hike that will allow you to cross the whole island of Elba in 4 stages. The paths of the GTE will allow you to discover the wildest parts of the island and admire its incredible geography. In fact, the landscape is constantly changing: from small bays with beautiful beaches where you can swim to wild mountains with sharp peaks. One of the hardest things to face is the difference in height or the heat if the crossing is made too close to the summer period. Personally, the GTE reminds me a lot of the GR20, but in the end the two islands Elba and Corsica are not so far from each other and for this reason I recommend to all hikers who want to prepare for the GR20 to train with us first on the GTE.


I will now leave you to the division of stages:

1st Cable - Porto Azzurro 

18 km long

average travel time 8 hours

2th Porto Azzurro - Procchio 

length 21 km

average travel time 7 hours

3rd Procchio - Poggio

length 12 km

average travel time 5 hours

4th Poggio - Pomonte

length 9.5 km

average travel time 4:30 hours

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